Just When I Think I Have This Whole Parenting Thing Down

My son goes and spits on my daughters head.


Vintage Cuteness Saved Via Text Messages

“Of Daddy”. (Love Daddy) 1/09/2015

Mary was getting into the things on my nightstand which she is not supposed to do. She picked up the spanking apparatus, paused, looked at it, said “Oh, no”, and put it back. 1/03/2015

Today’s tea party took place on Mary’s silk instead of John’s blanket. Now Paul is asleep on it and Mary is a complete emotional wreck. 12/27/2014

John put his Elder shirt and jeans on because he “wanted to look like Daddy”. 12/13/20

I just came out to the living room to find John and Mary standing on the yoga mat lifting the five and two pound weights. John told me to grab “the grey ones” and join them. 12/11/2014

John was throwing stuff around in the living room and only got busted because he came to tell me that the giraffes didn’t fall. 11/29/2014

“Mary do you want to get out of the tub? Say yes or no.” “Hess.”  11/28/2014

They found a metal support beam in the wall and are sticking Magnatiles all over it. 11/26/2014

John wants to slide down Mount St Helens. 11/26/2014

Mary just pulled my shirt WAY down, inspected what she saw and said “umm… boobie.” 11/20/2014

John has a new giant white dog named Frish Frishens. 11/12/2014

I love the look of excitement right before Mary feeds the cat followed immediately by the look of shame after the cat food is all over the floor. 11/11/2014

Mary gave up during the third round of the Insanity warm up and I yelled “Mary pump it out!” and she loudly replied “RAW RAW RAW!” and got back to it. Man I wish I had gotten that on tape. 11/8/2014