The Sarcasm Is Weak With This One

“Awix dropped his bi-ib,” Mary whined from the table . “You should yell at him,” Matt sarcastically replied, so Mary yelled “Awix, NO!”


Mary’s Prayer

Dear Father,

Thank you for EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY and thank you for making rainbows and snow. Amen.


John (6): “You know what’s delicious?”

Me: “Your face?”

John: “No! My face is gross!”


Mary walks in “Rawr.”

“Are you my Mooie Fo Shmooies?”

“No. I’m a dinosaur.”

She’s so cute.

Silly Mooies

Mary(2) came to me with a panicked look on her face and said “I ate the floor.” I didn’t know what to do so I said “I’m sorry” and we hugged. She assured me that it would be okay.


Mary (2) just recently started referring to Minnie as Minnie instead of “Mi”. It was a sad day. At least when we went to the pool she was exited to get her babing sweet on.